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All materials contained in the course are copyrighted. This includes, but is not limited to the design, text and graphics which belong to the Prescription Training Company (PTC) Ltd trading as the Medication Training Company. All rights are reserved.

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You cannot share, email, copy, reproduce or redistribute these materials without The Prescription Training Company's written permission.

For courses that come with a workbook, you may print a single copy of the workbook for your own study (non-commercial viewing).

If you download any course materials from our site, all the materials and data are deemed to be licensed to you by PTC, for your personal, non-commercial use only. PTC does not transfer either the title or the intellectual property rights of the course and PTC retains full and complete title to the courses as well as all the intellectual property rights therein. You may not sell, redistribute or reproduce or convert any of the material. PTC owns all trademarks and logos and you may not copy or use them in any manner.